Breaking Down the Myths in the Movie Ouija – A Movie Review

690003-1020-aThe horror movie Ouija overrlooks some details as to how to communicate with the dead. This film is right to have its cast of troubled teenagers using the board to ask for a particular spirit to come forth but It’s funny that they never realize what they are holding is actually a séance. In those cases, everyone should have protected themselves by invoking a measure of protection, conducting an opening prayer and closing it properly. Also, once the planchette is touched, people are not allowed to take their fingers off for any reason. If they must, another finger has to take its place. By simply moving the pointing device to the word ‘goodbye’ is never enough. Something spoken only adds to the power of sealing the door so nothing lingers around. Thanking it at the end is an act of courtesy. People forget what’s summoned may have been once human.

These rules were not necessarily forgotten. The terror comes from the fact that nobody in this film ever properly learned how to use the Ouija board. In that regard, that’s where this movie succeeds; in what they awakened, only the dead can tell. If the folklore fs to be believed, then there’s a bit of a scare to be found. That’s what a team of producers hoped to create, and in what was delivered is nothing but pure Hollywood pap. This supposedly harmless game is said to bridge the gap between the human and spirit world. With Halloween night approaching, some people might be dragging out the board when they should not!

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