900-1200 Block of Government Street

Spanning several blocks along this street is a nest of haunted businesses and attractions. This city has more spirits in this block than any other, and to name a few, they are: Rogers Chocolate Shop, Camille’s, The Bedford and Regency Hotel, Garrick’s Head Pub, Murchie’s Tea & Coffeee, Morris Tobacconists’, the Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce and Absolute Underground (formerly the site of Nightmares Entertainment) has some kind of presence lurking within.

Stories are told about the spirit of an old fisherman lurking about, and the shadow of a noose that may still be dangling on the fringes of imagination. On rare occasions, one of these two visions will make its presence known. One might see him or it tucked within all the other dark and occult imagery that decorates the two shops here.


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