Victoria Golf Course

Ring the bell three times and Doris Gravlin, the Victoria Golf Course ghost may appear. She is said to curtail the real wedding bells to couples looking for a brush with the other side. More famously known as the April ghost, the fact of when she is frequently seen really does not matter. Ghosts sometimes appear on the anniversary of their death, and usually there is no pattern to when they’ll make their presence known to the living.

Victoria Golf CourseGravlin died September 26, 1936. She was allegedly strangled by her husband Victor, and was dragged across the seventh fairway and hidden in a depression under a pile of logs. The husband would be found deceased a month later. Whether or not his death was deemed suicidal was never put up for debate. Even who the ghost is put into question; some locals think the ghost might actually be that of Elizabeth Gravlin, the mother to Victor. She may be upset that her son, Victor, was blamed, and may be trying to deliver a message of who truly is to blame.

Although nightly visitors are frowned upon, that has not stopped many locals from going out to the golf course to meet the ghost. She’s said to appear dressed in a white gown and to float above ground. Sometimes she manifests as a coloured orb. There are times where she has been seen crossing the street, causing unwary drivers to make dangerous driving decisions.


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