“A cynic by nature, I still feel an inexplicable sense of apprehension as the team sets up its equipment. They’re bright, enthusiastic and perfectly normal folks – well educated and not at all flighty. Still, they believe in the paranormal and claim to have had real experiences of spiritual contact.”
Tim Collins
Reporter, Oak Bay News


“The Paranormal Victoria Research and Investigation Society is a superbly organized non-profit who are incredibly generous with their resources, skills, and time. I contacted the organization earlier this year as an extension of an artistic endeavour, an interactive play called Ghosts of the Plaza. The play was the result of historical research done surrounding  the life, both supernatural and “real,” of  the Victoria Plaza Hotel. The 100 year old building has accumulated many ghosts and their myths and stories. After doing archival research as well as conducting interviews with employees past and present, the next logical step was to take our research further and in a more scientific direction. Paranormal Victoria are experts in their field, providing a personable and thorough service we could not find with anyone else.”
Sarah Smith
Producer and Writer, Ghosts of the Plaza


“I have enjoyed the time with the peace of mind I’ve had with my home as my own again. You all made a huge difference in my life.”

<Name witheld by request>
Client servies rendered Feb 2013


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