More Equipment on displayAs a group which is involved in researching and investigating paranormal phenomena, we work with the understanding that there are currently no scientific instruments / equipment which are scientifically “known” to detect such phenomena. All the research is based on theory alone.  Because of this, we will make use of tools commonly used in this field, and some which are not so commonly used, in the hopes that by keeping ourselves open to all the possibilities, we increase our chances of finding the truth behind the phenomena.

We will make use of our senses, metaphysical tools and psychics, and an array of electronic equipment.

The following is a list of some of the equipment we use:

  • Digital Voice Recorder (multiple brands) with external Condenser Stereo Microphones – for recording possible EVPs (electronic voice phoenomena = spirit communication). The external microphone filters out any noise caused by handling the Digital recorder during the recording process.
  • Digital EMF Detector with Backlight – for detecting electromagnetic fields and “false positives” (non-paranormal causes of activity). It has been found through scientific research that some people are more sensitive to electromagnetic fields, some of which are caused simply by electrical currents which are not shielded properly. These fields can cause the brain to believe it is experiencing paranormal phenomena by causing varying auditory, visual and physical sensations.
  • Trifield Natural EMF Detector – Has settings which detect changes in electromagnetic fields, and static fields. Sensitive enough to register geomagnetic activity or detect a person walking by. Can also be used for testing changes in air ion activity.
  • K2 EMF Detector – EFM detector which  is also used as a potential communication aid during EVP sessions.
  • Sony DCR-SR42 Handycam with Nightshot and HVL-IRM INFRARED Extender LIGHT – for digitally recording video in the dark with the intention of capturing paranormal phenomena.  Also used to document the investigation.
  • Full Spectrum Digital Camera with combo IR/UV light – same purpose as above.
  • Compass – can start spinning when in contact with magnetic fields, certain metals, or for other yet unknown reasons.
  • OMEGA Datalogging Thermometer with T-TYPE Air Probe THERMOCOUPLE – for determining ambient air temperatures.
  • Wireless Infrared Camera array with DVR – we use an array 8 digital wireless infrared video cameras which are hooked up to a DVR which records the camera feeds. This is also hooked up to a television which is monitored by one of our members during the investigation.
  • Ghost Box – based on the famously known “Frank’s Box”, this is a radio which has had the auto-scan stop removed so that it continuously scans radio frequencies. Usually run on AM frequencies due to them having more white noise, these are used as potential/alleged communication devices during EVP sessions in the hopes that the spirits may communicate via the radio frequencies.
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