Meetup Group temporary hiatus and exciting new plans

Hello Paranormal Enthusiasts.

Our group is taking a temporary hiatus from the Meetup group as we work on some exciting new plans to the group format.

Much of this is based on participant feedback, as well as our own need to continually grow as our group gains new experiences and further creative inspiration.

We apologize for the temporary pause however do ask you to stay tuned as we believe you will enjoy what is to come!

In the meantime, it will be business as usual when it comes to accepting offers for new investigations.

Look forward to seeing you soon!

PARAVI Founder and Director,


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PARAVI makes Oak Bay and Victoria News – Investigating the Victoria Golf Course

Its been a busy month for our team – and also hard to keep these kind of investigative opportunities “under wraps.”  Two weeks ago, we were given the amazing opportunity to investigative the exclusive Victoria Golf Club and green in Oak Bay, famous for the Doris Gravlin murder and Hauntings.

Check-out the article here: Oak Bay Reporter goes on ghost hunt

Stay tuned for more information on this fantastic investigation – coming soon  :-)

Happy Halloween and Blessed Samhain everyone!

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Point Ellice & An Investigation into the Lady in Blue

We would like to thank Michaela from Point Ellice House for giving us the honour of being able to investigate this amazing historical home and garden.

Built in 1861, Point Ellice House is a beautiful & original Victorian home found on the Gorge Waterway. It contains one of America’s largest collections of Victoriana and gorgeous gardens which is full of Hollyhocks and Roses. (

From May to September and a limited time in November through December, they host tours, teas and special events. However, Point Ellice is also one of those local places which has many stories about it which include encounters with ghosts, mainly those of its previous residents/owners.

Of all the stories, none is more “famous” than that of the encounter with the “Lady in Blue”, believed to be Kathleen O’Reilly. Some visitors have mentioned a woman matching Kathleen’s description, dressed in a blue period dress, conducting tours of the house. (“Ghost Stories of British Columbia” – By Jo-Anne Christensen)

It is also very near the location of one of the worst disaster’s in BC and Transit history, the Point Ellice Bridge disaster. On May 26, 1896 a streetcar crowded with 143 holidaymakers on their way to attend celebrations of Queen Victoria’s birthday, crashed through Point Ellice Bridge into the Upper Harbour. 55 men, women and children were killed in the accident. (

Who knows what other spirits may find safe harbour or wander the grounds.

Stay tuned for videos, photos and audio from our investigation at this fantastic location.

We also highly recommend visiting this high energy location for an amazing peek into history, for tea and a tour, a visit to its gardens and perhaps and a potential paranormal encounter.

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Exciting Investigation Tonight!

We are absolutely thrilled, honored and excited to have been given the opportunity to do a private investigation one of the very well known and infamous haunts of Victoria.

Although we cannot announce the location yet, we will be allowed disclosure once the investigation is complete and as we are reviewing evidence.

Stay tuned for the first photos, videos and any audio clips which may be deemed of interest.

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Join Us at our August 8th Meet-up

Our August 8th Meet-up will be a relaxed open discussion and Meet & Greet.

Join us in discussion on everything and anything paranormal.

Ask any questions about investigating or any other paranormal or metaphysical topics, or just share with us your stories and we will share ours.

Just $5 per person to help cover location costs and water provided for all participants.

It is easy to access for all at Oaklands Community Centre:
2827 Belmont St., Victoria, BC

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For more information or to RSVP, please click the link below:

We look forward to seeing you there :-)

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Join us at our upcoming Meet-up on July 11th – Photography and Debunking

Hosted every 2nd Wednesday of the month, our July 11th meet-up subject is Paranormal Photography and Debunking.

Only $5.00 per person.

Feel free to bring in your cameras and with our team of Professional Photographers, learn to create fake ghostly photography.
Bring in your already taken photographs of ghosts and lets see if it can be debunked.

By learning to create fakes and learning how to look at photographs critically, when working in the paranormal field, we learn how to better separate the true gems from the questionable.

By attending our meet-ups, you help our non-profit society continue to provide free investigative services and future events.

We thank you for your support :-)

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Return to the Maritime Museum – May 19th

The Beyond Belief Team will be returning to the Maritime Museum on Saturday May 19th.  In the past the two teams have investigated there a number of times and it was considered to be always active. Bookings can be made directly with the museum via

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Ghost Hunt @ St Anne’s

We had a fantastic experience investigating St. Anne’s Academy with the Beyond Belief Team and are looking forward to going back sometime in the near future.  In the meantime, its time to get down to business and review all the digital data we collected.  Stay tuned for any photos, videos and audio that might be of interest from the investigation.

As always, there will be an evidence review meet-up to discuss and review any potential evidence found and the footage which was debunkable.

We look forward to seeing some of you there :-)


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Maritime Museum Evidence and such

We have posted some of the evidence we presented recently to the public within our forum.  You will need to register to view it, but come check it out at


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Welcome to our new website!

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