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We would like to formally announce that PARAVI has gone on a long-term sabbatical for an undetermined amount of time as its founding members shift their life journeys to other priorities.

During this time, we will no longer be accepting new offers for investigations and will be placing updates on our website with recommendations for other local investigators or spiritual advisors who can be contacted instead.

We would like to give thanks to ALL of you for your ongoing and amazing support in what has been such a meaningful and life changing journey over the last 7 years, since we first formed the group during the summer of 2008.

The page and the website will remain up, with members still posting from time-to-time. We all joined this group with a mutual passion and that passion certainly has not ended. The focus of that passion is being temporarily redirected. We would love to continue to hear more of your stories, so please feel free to use this as a place to openly share as our Meet-up group once was.

In the meantime, we wish you all lives full of love, joy and continued growth in the paths you take.

Executive Director, PARAVI.

As PARAVI, the Paranormal Victoria Investigations & Research Society, we are a fully incorporated non-profit society dedicated to researching and investigating claims of paranormal activity since 2008.

Our interests range towards all areas of paranormal research, but our main focus are ghosts, hauntings and parapsychology. We collectively have more than 25 years of academic and practical experience in other disciplines which includes (to name a few) photography, anthropology, videography and metaphysics (Reiki and Mediumship) that can be applied to our investigations.

Acting as paranormal archeologists, we will do our best to uncover the truth behind the activity at a location through the use of data gathering equipment, our senses, and historical research. We acting as open-minded skeptics always looking for the non-paranormal causes first.

We never charge for our investigative services, however we will accept donations when offered.

We are also an affiliate of PSICAN, which acts as an umbrella organization for other groups across Canada that is dedicated to the research, study and exploration of topics considered to be “paranormal” within this country.

Our Services:

  • Investigate claims of paranormal activity using scientific equipment, non-traditional methods and mediums/psychics.
  • Analyze and assess unedited video, audio & photographic footage.
  • Provide metaphysical outreach and support.
  • Research historical and allegedly haunted locations.
  • Research potential causes of paranormal activity.
  • Engage in parapsychological studies and research.

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